But when I start CSGO, the colors change. So how do I set the launch options & config/autoexec? It’s important to note that every player has their own preferences here but the majority of professional players at least zoom out their radar. How to change the CS:GO HUD? You can use a higher texture filtering mode if you don’t have any FPS issues at all. If you haven’t setup up the console yet, find my simple CS:GO console tutorial here. 1 = Always displays the equipment on the right side of the screen. Change the colors of the HUD elements. Our main goal with the video settings is to configure the game in the least demanding way possible to have the highest framerate possible without making the game look blurred or difficult to watch. In CS GO, players are allowed to customize the game HUD elements. 🙂. We generally don’t want any interference. Just download the slam music tool and launch it. By using this website here, you can test out all types of crosshair settings against a CSGO setting to see which best suits you. Make sure the option Use the advanced 3d image settings is selected. The image will be saturated not only in the CSGO but also, for example, in the browser. About mouse acceleration: in general, turning this on is considered a bad idea. That’s the combination of your mouse’s DPI (Dots Per Inch) and your ingame sensitivity, and it allows us to compare the actual sensitivity of different players regardless of their hardware settings. CSGO Scream full settings and color settings. First of all you want to check if you have turned your refresh rate up as high as your monitor can (144hz): Nvidia: Right click on your desktop -> Nvidia Control Panel -> Adjust desktop size and position -> Refresh rate. CSGO and Nvidia Control Panel Color Settings. This helps immensely with spotting enemies in … It’s the last option on the left sidebar. 1 = The name of the weapons changes color according to their rarity. Click on adjust desktop color settings in the Nvidia color settings and then set the Digital Brightness Slider to 70-100% depending on how bright you want your game to be. CSGO CROSSHAIR COLOR. Video Settings; Brightness: 130%: Color Mode: Computer Monitor: Aspect Ratio: 5:4: Resolution: 1280x1024 (stretched) Display Mode: Fullscreen: Global Shadow Quality: Very Low: Model / Texture … It looks more natural and makes the game brighter dark corners. A good headset (or pair of headphones) can definitely help you win battles; it’s not uncommon for pros to start spraying just a bit before an enemy rounds the corner because they can hear them approach, for example. Feel free to use a setting that you personally feel most comfortable with. 1 = Displays the clan / group tag in the death notifications. With so many options to tweak it’s understandable that some people can’t really see the forest for the trees, and that’s where we come in. We’ve analyzed the sensitivity, DPI & eDPI, resolution, monitor refresh rates (in Hz) and much more and distilled all of that into this guide for you to use. It’s also recommended to turn off all music since that only serves as a distraction and doesn’t help you perform in any way, except for the ten second warning. The difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz is a bit less pronounced, which is why you see some pros on 500Hz despite 1000Hz being objectively better. Even if they do it can be quite a cumbersome and time consuming task to get it just the way you want it. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO, as most people call it) seems to only be getting more and more popular. To improve your FPS, find my. This is a marketing tactic though, as it’s extremely rare to see a pro player in any of our analyzed games using a DPI higher than 3200. PROSETTINGS.NET As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We want FPS so keep it there. We think that this works, so we would recommend to use this settings depending on the game you are playing. In the second part of this guide we’ll give you the best ingame settings to get the most FPS out of your PC. Change player counter position. Starting off with Enemy Highlight Color (found under the General > Accessibility section of settings), many players change the default red to the Deuteranopia yellow. Audio cues can help immensely in figuring out where enemies are (coming from) and in a game where one bullet can kill you you’d be handicapping yourself by using a subpar headset or, God forbid, speakers. CS:GO Pro Setting Players (329 players) We have gathered the CS:GO Setups (2021) of 329 professional players from 76 best teams worlwide. When editing your CS:GO HUD, you can make the use of two things: The game menu settings in Counterstrike itself and console HUD commands. A config is still a great tool to have in your arsenal, however. Step 4 Click apply to save the settings and you can close the app. If you turn on raw input, which we highly recommend, CS:GO ignores every input that comes from outside of the game like drivers and Windows. Zoom Sensitivity refers to how fast you aim while being zoomed in using scoped rifles. There’s the input latency, for example. Others controls are available depending on the type of display connection. cl_crosshairdot. Simply put, DPI is the hardware part and sensitivity is the software part of the equation. Screen top or bottom. 0 = No color. CS:GO is a highly configurable game so we definitely recommend you to change some binds here and there. This is something that you might want to try for yourself. This guide gathers average values and interesting outliers from our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear list to give you a starting point to find the best settings for CS:GO. Alternatively, you can press Alt+F3 to go straight to the Freestyle Menu. In summary, keep the resolution and aspect ratio low if you are below the critical 144 (or 240, depending on your monitor) frames threshold. Keep this disabled unless you get noticable screen tearing. My tested unit has a native color temperature of 6900K (RGB settings 100/100/100) and a max. These are the best CS:GO radar settings: cl_radar_always_centered “0” cl_radar_scale “0.3” cl_hud_radar_scale “1.15” cl_radar_icon_scale_min “1” cl_radar_rotate “1” cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard “1” You can adjust everything to your personal needs. Green: 98. Pro players need to constantly check their position and the position of their teammates. With settings that are similar to the pros you won’t feel a competitive disadvantage. The default value is 0.5, if you lower it, the HUD will be less visible, if you increase the number up to 1.0, the color gets fuller. To play songs in CS:GO you need an additional software. The background alpha defines the visibility of the overall game UI. It just seems like contrast is increased after closing csgo. Even if you don’t have a 240Hz monitor (which is something that we thoroughly recommend for this game; check out our monitor guide for more info on the subject) there are advantages to reaching the highest framerates possible, which is why you see pro players do everything to max out the amount of frames that they’re getting even though their PC is already pushing way above 240 frames each second. This helps immensely with spotting enemies in darker places. The nvidia control panel colour settings are not changed. Vertical Sync helps with screen tearing issues but adds a form lag if turned on due to applying some form of buffer. Simply launch CS:GO, browse the game settings and change the Crosshair and game settings to any values that you want. To change the HUD color in CS:GO simply edit the game menu settings or use the console command “cl_hud_color 0”. cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1, To change the HUD color in CS:GO simply edit the game menu settings or use the console command “cl_hud_color 0”. 2017-08-13 15:51. In general it is strongly advised to play with a 16:9 aspect ratio if you get enough frames however. Color mode set to television and brightness 100%. Includes ScreaM's CS:GO keybindings, mouse settings, DPI, crosshair, cfg, video & graphics settings as well as his hardware setup and resolution. Tinkering with your settings and options is something that everyone has to do at some point. Everything else low or default. We recommend leaving that on (albeit on a lower volume so you can still hear enemies defusing and what not) so that you’ve got an audio cue when the bomb is ten seconds from detonating. That’s it! Whether this is down to them just being used to it from the old days or because it’s objectively better is a topic of great debate on many online forums. You can either copy the settings on the right yourself or import the following crosshair code: Sharing a crosshair can also be done through console settings; you can find the crosshair settings of our analyzed pros (if those settings are available) on their player pages. After that we click on: Adjust desktop color settings. These can have a severe impact on both your framerate and your overall gameplay so it’s important to consider the upsides and downsides to each approach. When editing your CS:GO HUD, you can make the use of two things: The. You can also change the alpha value of the complete CS:GO HUD. This value is obviously important for AWPers but everyone should spend a bit of time here since you don’t want to be like a deer in headlights if you’ve picked up your teammate’s AWP to save, for example. For the best audio experience we recommend setting the audio profile in the game to ‘Stereo Headphones’. We hope you enjoyed reading this. Restart CS:GO and check if it has worked. Sensitivity simply refers to the the actual value that you set in the game, called ‘Mouse Sensitivity’. Buy binds can also be made; these will allow you to buy a certain weapon (or even an entire loadout) by pressing just a single button. 0 = Small; 1 = Normal, Show your FPS. This basically does exactly what it says, it increases the detail of the textures in the game. As you can see on the right a lot of CS:GO pros even prefer very low DPI settings. 1 = The radar is centered on the player. The CS:GO Hud is the displayed overlay elements inside an active game of Counterstrike Global Offensive. That’s not a surprise at all: gaming at high refresh rates gives you a myriad of advantages. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know. There really is a reason why not a single professional is using an overall sensitivity that only requires a couple of millimetres for a 360. This command changes the crosshair to green. Under the heading “3D Settings,” select “Adjust Image settings with preview.”. It’s something that’s pretty much unique to this game, but there are dozens of resolution and aspect ratio combinations that are actively being used by professionals at any given point in time. Best Settings in Valorant. Disable … If you want to learn more about the subject you can always check out our full GPU guide for the game. On the server you can play the song with the hotkey that you have setup, I use “k”. In this guide, I show you everything you need to know about the CS:GO HUD and how the change every single element. Something you might notice when looking at eDPI is that CS:GO pros have a rather low overall sensitivity compared to most ‘casual gamers’. Videos must be a .webm file, to convert files you can simply use any. After you have chosen which mouse you are going to use (check out our recommended mice for CS:GO here) you might be wondering which ingame settings you’re supposed to pick. Adjust Desktop Color Settings. CS:GO Launch Options. This looks (and feels) weird to many beginning shooter players but having a lower overall sensitivity allows for much more precise aiming, and there’s definitely a point where your sensitivity can be so high that you can’t reliably control your spray or make micro adjustments. This way you should be able to spot enemies in the shadow more easily. Topics are hidden when running Sport mode.